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Permaculture Association Designing for resilience - foundations of permaculture course

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It feels like a natural progression for us to offer high quality permaculture and sustainability courses. We have loads of resources to help connect you with other learners. By doing son, we aim to provide a transformative learning experience - helping you learn permaculture and change your world.


What is permaculture?

Permaculture combines three key aspects:

  1. An ethical framework of 3 ethics: earth care, people care, fair shares

  2. Understanding of how nature works

  3. A design approach

This unique combination provides a toolkit that is used to design regenerative systems at all scales. From home and garden to community, farm and bioregions, permaculture is used around the world.


What is included in our Foundations of Permaculture course?

Learn the basics of permaculture, with our Foundations of Permaculture course. It will give you a basis to do your own designs and apply permaculture, helping your life and others.

Learning objectives:

  • To discover permaculture history - a nature based approach. 

  • To learn about and connect with people & projects in my local community

  • Understand the interconnected nature of all systems (natural, economic, human) and the need to care for them 

  • Understand the value of the ethics & principles of permaculture and how they can enable us to live without damaging the health of the environment, the economy, or the community 

  • Understand the value of using a permaculture design process and permaculture design tools and a range of situations where they can be applied 


This course will offer students blended learning options - To provide a transformative experience its essential to see permaculture in practice, to touch it and experience its effects.

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Permablitz London at a community projectWhy is permaculture important?

Nature based design can offer sustainable solutions in times of crisis; building resilience through connection and offering intelligent design that is responsive and observant. 

"Permaculture offers ways we can design human habitat, places for people to be, that work with nature."

"How we use systems thinking and these design principles to apply to whatever you want... anyone can learn about it."

We will offer students different options for their learning needs. 

Pre-course activities (webinars, visit LAND centres, connect with fellow learners) 


  1. A nature based approach - context & ethics 

  2. Principles of Permaculture - Holmgren principles 

  3. How to Apply Permaculture - looking at nature and how we can use it as an example in design - covering observation of guilds, applying to the built environment, social systems and the personal context

  4. Design Frameworks - SADIMET, OBREDIMET, Design Web and choosing your framework

  5. Design Methods - Skills, tools & methods, design exercise and presentation 

  6. Your next steps - LAND, membership, connecting with each other and feedback. 


You will also benefit from:

  • Support services, point of contact 
  • Closing webinar - next steps


How much does the course cost?

This is the current plan for pricing (though this is subject to change as the course content is created and improved)

For the complete Designing for Resilience - Foundations of permaculture course: 

Approx £110 - Study anytime 

  • Flexible option - take the course at your own pace. 
  • Includes a year’s membership to the Permaculture Association (worth £36)
  • With 25% off 6 specially selected books from the Permaculture Magazine  


Approx £250  Certified option

  • Including certified teacher webinar -certified teacher assessment of your design
  • connect with fellow learners
  • limited attendance, quarterly starting dates
  • Plus, an Introduction to Permaculture certificate from the Permaculture Association.
  • Includes a year’s membership to the Permaculture Association (worth £36)
  • With 25% off 6 specially selected books from the Permaculture Magazine 

Individual course modules such as Design Frameworks can be taken anytime.


How long does the course last?

You can complete the Foundations of Permaculture course and any of our shorter modules, such as the Design Frameworks module, at your own pace. 

It will take a minimum of 1 hour to complete one individual short module. 

For the certified option Foundations of Permaculture course, you should aim to complete it within 3 months. You and your course leader will agree upon the group's online presentation date. 

If you would like to take the full Foundations of Permaculture course very quickly, it could be taken over a few days on the ‘study anytime’ option. But we advise you take time, to allow your learning to permeate into your life  - connect with your local LAND projects and teachers, and apply your learning.


Do I get any qualifications from the course?

If taking the certified teacher led route you will get an official Introduction to Permaculture certificate delivered to you from the Permaculture Association.

The information developed in this course was created with our Education Working Group and our globally recognised certifying teachers network, utilising hundreds of years of combined permaculture research and knowledge from our dedicated members. 


Can anyone participate in the course?

Learning needs: No prior learning needs are required for this course.

We have made efforts to make this course accessible.

Limited hearing: Subtitles are used in videos and all videos have text scripts below. 

We are dedicated to engaging a more diverse audience with this course.


Can I do the course in person?

Our Design For Resilience online course offers smaller modules within it, that could be taken face to face with a teacher.

Discount codes will be offered to LAND centres and teachers that support learners to take this online course with them, supporting you to use and develop your knowledge from this course. Just speak to your local teacher or LAND centre about providing other modules. 

If choosing the teacher led certified option, you may be able to start the course at one of our events, such as the convergence or diploma gathering. Blended remote elements will be offered too - webinars, creating guilds and online communities to enable you to feel connected. 


When is the course available?

Full course launch by September 2020

Click here to join and test the course in its development phase.

Designing for resilienceWhy should I complete this course?

Key Elements to all Permaculture Association courses:

  • Our ethics: Earth Care, People Care & Fair Shares.
  • All courses will showcase permaculture in practise, providing examples and places to engage, connect you to teacher profiles, events and your peers.
  • Support to use the ethics on your own purposeful design work.
  • With 25% off 6 specially selected books from the Permaculture Magazine 
  • Principles - helping you to design resiliently and regeneratively.
  • Purposeful Design - Our clients are both mother nature & future generations! 
  • Action - Your next steps, LAND centres, our globally recognised certified teachers network, our membership community - permaculture in practise.


If you are an educator based in the UK interested in hosting a permaculture course on our online learning platform, please see our guidance and get in touch.

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