Pedro Valdjiu

Pedro Valdjiu

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About me

Terra Alta Permaculture – a small scale intensive food forest, with a blend of young and old trees spanning two Hectares, full of innovative guilds and earthworks bringing biodiversity and land design into fruition, nestled in a green valley with flowing water amongst the hills of Sintra, Portugal, close to the Atlantic Ocean and epic beaches – an educational center focused on off the grid living and ecological design spanning all of the permaculture ethics, social, environmental and economic dimensions. Our aim is to distribute sustainable living skills, blending the teachings of permaculture, natural building, and those of many other traditions. – a group of people, a family and international community full of a range of skills and backgrounds: educators, gardeners, musicians, craftspeople, friends, organizers, helping hands, diggers and dreamers – sharing a commitment to holistic living and an intention to manifest this through the development of healthy social relations, and the co-creation of a permanent culture. We live “Principle Zero” at Terra Alta, which means “All is Good” – a simple philosophy based on intention with love, and turning problems into solutions!

Educator experience

Land based design Social projects - Waldorf school designer/founder, Film and other Media about Permaculture Beekeping Timber Framing, Natural Building Appropriate Technology and Off the Grid

Educator skills

Music Cultural Regeneration Land based design Social projects Film and other Media about Permaculture Beekeping Timber Framing, Natural Building Appropriate Technology and Off the Grid Alternative economies Permaculture Ethics and Principals Antroposophy Educational resources

Educator qualifications

Permaculture Design Course – 2009 – with Doug Crouch and Gautier Gras ( Treeyo Permaculture ) Water Regeneration Landscape- 2009 – with Zepp Holzer ( Tamera Institute ) Organic Farming – 2010 – Isabel Castanheira ( Cooperative Quinta 7 Nomes ) Social Permaculture – 2013 – Peter Cow – Living in circles ( Terra Alta ) Introduction to Sociocracy – 2014 ( Bio Vila ) Beekeeping Course – 2014 – Harald Hefner ( Quinta Luzio ) Permaculture Teacher Training – 2015 – Robina McCurdy and Doug Crouch ( Terra Alta ) Timber Framing – Round wood – Terra Alta – Alan Ueland ( Terra Alta ) Timber Framing – Introduction course – Ruka ( Terra Alta ) Luthier – Guitar building course – Mark Bayley UK Eco-village design education - Social dimension (GEDS) - 2017